Our codes are mostly written in Python or MATLAB

Software developed by the lab are uploaded below as GitHub links with reference to the articles where they were used

1. Particle tracker (MATLAB)

This script tracks the centroid of a moving bacterial cell. At the end of the code it plots the centroids from consecutive frames.
Link: Abhishek935/Particle-Tracker-MATLAB

2. Bacterial growth tracker (MATLAB)

This script measures the area of E. coli cells growing on agar surface from a video file. At the end of the code it plots the change in area as a function of time.
Link: Abhishek935/Growth-tracker-MATLAB

3. Molecular Rack and Pinion

Reference: Shrivastava and Berg, BioRxiv 2019
Link: Abhishek935/Molecular-Rack-and-Pinion

4. Screw-like bacterial motion

Reference: Shrivastava, Roland, Berg. Biophysical J. 2016
Link: Abhishek935/Screw-like-bacterial-motion-Biophysical-J.-2016

5. Rotary motor (Current Biol. 2015)

Reference: Shrivastava, Lele, Berg Current Biology 2015
Link: Abhishek935/Rotary-Motor-Current-Biol.-2015